About us

Founded in 2009 by Alenka Abraham & Adam Cubitt, Existential creates bespoke software solutions with an emphasis on real-time systems and high-end computer graphics.

Existential has experience developing both real-time and offline computer visualisation and animation technology, working with leading post-production companies in the UK.

We believe that cutting-edge computer graphics technology has huge potential and we are always looking for ways to apply our expertise to new arenas and in innovative ways. Our technology has been used to create interactive shop-fronts, generative advert systems and even medical simulators.

Thinking about working with us?

Why choose Existential?

Existential is a young and vibrant company always looking for a new challenge, we are excited by using technology in new and innovative ways.


Our clients come to us because we are professional and enthusiastic.

Dedicated Team

Whether developing bespoke systems from the ground up or providing third party technology for integration with larger systems, Existential can adapt to the specific requirements of each project.

We care

Being small and specialised, we have the time and the motivation to give a personalised service, so our clients continue to want to put their projects in our hands. We aim to offer our clients the highest levels of quality and customer service.